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Caught Inbetween

19. August 2014

Anna and the French Kiss - Lola and the Boy Next Door -
Isla and Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins

I closed Isla yesterday night (or was it this morning?) and read all three books in two days. Obviously I liked them, all three of them, but I loved Anna’s story.

At the first I did not really understand how someone who is sent to Paris, PARIS, can be so annoyed at the idea of living alone, without any kind of parental supervision in one of the greatest cities in the world ? (ok, my opinion might be a tiny bit biased)? But while Anna was falling in love with St Clair, I fell in love with her story, and with Paris, all over again.

Anna and the French Kiss was an adorable story, one that warms your heart and makes you believe in love. But it’s mostly the Parisian atmosphere that got me in this book. I loved discovering the Left Bank with Etienne and Anna, I’m a Right Bank girl, I hardly ever venture on the other side of the Seine but I am now intrigued.

Once I was done with Anna’s story, I missed Paris even more than before, I wanted to see Point zero, and chill in the 5th Arrondissement, sit in front of the Pantheon, go to the Père Lachaise and buy a book at Sheakespare and Company. I wanted to see Anna and St Clair’s Paris.

I left Anna and the French Kiss in some sort of frenzy, light and giddy. So I naturally picked up Lola and the Boy Next Door.

Like Lola I love clothes but while her look is exuberant and colourful, mine is grungy and dark. I had a hard time adjusting to Lola’s voice, and as I was reading, I didn’t feel as much sympathy towards her, not like I did with Anna.

Lola’s story is cute, nice but nothing like Anna’s. Lola is self cantered, childish, she annoyed me for more than half of the book. Cricket was cute, and I always appreciate a tall guy who knows how to dress but he was also very plain. My opinion is probably biased because I loved Anna and St Clair so much, I couldn’t help but comparing Lola to Anna and Cricket to Etienne.

In a nutshell, Lola and a Boy Next Door is a nice book with a cute love story but it suffers from the inevitable comparison with Anna and the French Kiss.

After reading Lola’s story, I picked up Isla’s. I was actually pretty thrilled to read it, we were back in Paris! And I was excited to learn more about St Clair and Anna.

Isla and Josh’s relationship develops quickly, maybe too quickly! Though I enjoyed being back in SOAP and in Paris. But once again, I was still not over Anna and St Clair. I like Isla, and I’ve liked Josh since I read Anna and the French Kiss, but their story felt shallow and forced, I can’t really explain why, I just didn’t feel much. I loved the ending though. Everyone is reunited, finally, Anna and St Clair, Lola and Cricket, Isla and Josh and of course, Meredith, I felt so sorry for poor lovely Meredith, I would love to read more about her, a short story perhaps?

So yeah, I fell in love with Anna’s story, not so much with Lola’s or Isla even though I liked both.

I’ll be back in Paris in a few days, and I will definitely go on an Anna adventure, all on my own. I’ll cross the Seine and go to Shakespeare and Co to buy a book, and then walk around the Latin Quarter to get lunch. After that I’ll walk to Notre Dame, stand on the point zero star and make a wish. Then I’ll find a place to sit and read my new Shakespeare and Co book. I look forward to this day, to following Anna and St Clair’s steps.

Thank you Stephanie Perkins.


Imagine for like the first month of being married, Jace just walks around addressing Clary as Clary Herondale. Emphasizing every syllable of it, and he laughs every time she wrinkles her nose a little, because she knows he’s poking fun at her.

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